Mother axes her own 8-month-old baby, calling him "goat"

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An incident which was reported in Ashok Nagar district in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh has shocked the locals. Rashmi Lodhi, a resident of Churari village axed her 8-month-old baby to death. She was arrested soon after her father informed the police regarding the same.

Family members stated that after feeding her baby, she left with her 8-month-old son during Sunday afternoon. On returning home hours later with her bleeding baby saying that he was a goat and she sent him to where he belonged.

Initially, the family was scared and did not want to disclose the matter. Rashmi's mother wrapped the 8-month-old in a cloth and took him to the hospital. They told the doctors that he had fallen from the stairs, and the doctors returning the baby declared him dead. The family covered the baby's body and kept it overnight at home. The villagers suspect that the baby has been "sacrificed".

On Sunday morning, Rashmi's father, Jankiprasad went to the police station and reported the matter. The body was sent for autopsy and the axe was taken away.

The investigation has revealed that she took her 8-month-old seventy feet away from her house, on the main road. Then she placed the baby on the highway and taking her axe hit him several times to death. This caused many injuries to the baby, especially on his neck.

Rashmi has been married to Laxman Lodhi for two years, and they live in Indore. Around 2 months ago, she had come to her parental home in Churari with her baby. Further investigation has revealed that she is mentally unstable. She has been admitted to a hospital for psychological assessment.

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