Mozambique : video surfaces of a naked women being beaten upto death by military men.

Image of naked women being beaten up in Mozambique surfaces online.

Men who are supposed to save the world are now being seen beating people publicly

A video surfaces this Monday showing a naked woman being beaten up brutally by men wearing military uniforms until she drops dead. The brute's shot her 36 times mercilessly while recording it on camera. The sheer audacity of these men in military uniforms has shaken the world.

Amnesty International verified the video on Tuesday, which shows the woman as she tries to flee but is caught up by a few men wearing the military uniform of the Mozambique army. The men beat her naked body with sticks and then shoot her more than 30 times after which they calmly walk away leaving the naked body lying dead on the road. The video has put light upon the atrocities and abuses inflicted by military men in the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique through which the people go through in their everyday lives. The government's control has been jeopardized by an armed insurgency in its northern gas-rich Cabo Delgado province since October 2017. 

A sporadic set of attacks has been launched on a province having a majority of Muslims by the soldiers of the Mozambican army patrol since October 2017.

The men accuse the women of being from a terrorist group called Al- Shabab, the savage men shoot her dead while she screams for mercy and tries to flee.

After the video surfaces online and goes viral the defense ministry of the country decides to call for an immediate investigation into the matter.

It has been said by the ministry that the defense and security forces reiterate that they do not agree with any barbaric act which links to the violation of human rights. While the identity of the militants still remains a mystery.

Hundreds of innocent people have been killed while more than thousands of people have been displaced between the fighting of the militants and the Mozambican military.

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