Mumbai: 795 Covid-19 cases along with 12 deaths have been reported

Active covid cases rose to 2,84,404

(Source: NDTV)

Mumbai: The covid cases tallied to 284404 in Mumbai on Wednesday with additional 795 cases. The BMC officials told the press that 12 patients succumbed to death due to covid-19 and till now the virus has taken 11007 lives in Mumbai.

Mumbai had already recorded 521 cases along with 7 deaths on Tuesday and unfortunately, the number of covid cases is not slowing down in Mumbai. However, BMC told the source that they have removed 1971 duplicate cases from the data which led the number of active cases in Mumbai fall to 6958.

Mumbai has conducted 21.34 lakh tests related to covid-19 till now and the city has seen 265602 recoveries now. The growth rate stands at 0.21% in Mumbai.

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