Mumbai Woman raped accused, sent to police custody till 21st September.

On Friday morning, the woman was raped and brutally assaulted inside the tempo in Sakinaka by Mohan Chouhan.

A 32-year-old woman, who was homeless was brutally raped and brutally assaulted by an unknown object inserted in her private part. The victim woman passed away at a government hospital Saturday. On Friday evening, police officials find the accused, identified as Mohan Chouhan and booked for rape and murder.

He had earlier been charged with attempted murder.

According to the police officials, at around 3:30 am the main control room received a call from a watchman, informing them that a woman was lying unconscious inside a tempo in Sakinaka. After that, the information was immediately forwarded to Sakinaka police station, who then sent a team and rushed the woman to Rajawadi hospital. “On inspecting the woman, the doctors said the woman sustained multiple lacerations on her body including her genitalia,” said an investigator. Immediately, the police officials recorded the watchman’s statement and registered a case.

Image from Times of India

In a statement officer said, “The assault took place at around 2:55 am and after the woman fell unconscious on the footpath, the accused took her inside the tempo,”.

The police then received information that he's a tempo driver by profession and a footpath dweller.

“We got his phone number as well but his phone was switched off. Later, with the help of informers, the officer managed to locate the accused at around 1:30 pm in the Sakinaka area,” said an officer. The police said that they took the accused to the police station. “Initially, the accused tried misleading the officer by lying that his name is Sunil.

But later, when the officer conducted a sustained interrogation, he told us his real name is Mohan Chouhan,” said the police officer.

He came to Mumbai 25 years ago. The police got the information that he is involved in stealing batteries and petrol from vehicles.

The victim woman passed away at a government hospital Saturday.

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