N. V. Ramana will become next Chief Justice of the Nation

Justice NV Ramanna will be the next Chief Justice of the country. President Ramnath Kovind has approved the appointment of Justice Ramanna. NV Ramanna will continue in this top post till 26 August 2022. He will be sworn in as Chief Justice of India on 24 April.

Last month, CJI SA Bobde recommended the name of Justice NV Ramanna as his successor.

Justice NV Ramanna. Source: Indian Express

Chief Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde had sent a letter of recommendation to Justice NV Ramanna to be his successor and the 48th Chief Justice of the country. According to tradition, Justice Bobde wrote a letter to the Ministry of Law and Justice.

On 23 April, Chief Justice Bobde is retiring. Bobde took the post of 47th CJI of the country at 63 on 18 November 2019. About a month before his retirement, the Chief Justice sends the name of his successor in a sealed envelope to the government.

After consulting with the Prime Minister on this recommendation, the President of the country announces the name for the top post in the Supreme Court.

Life of NV Ramanna

NV Ramanna practiced in the Andhra Pradesh High Court until the year 2000. After this, in 2013, he held the post of Chief Justice in the Delhi High Court. Within three months of this, he was given a posting in the Supreme Court. Ramanna's term ends on 26 August 2022. He will stay for the next CJI post for about 16 months.

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