Mamata Banerjee has put several allegations against BJP, inclusive of, BJP workers not allowing voting to take place or influencing the voting by threatening TMC voters. The Trinamool Congress chief said that the Election Commission was overlooking 'cheating' being committed by the BJP. She alleged rampant rigging in Nandigram and accused Amit Shah of instructing Central forces to help the BJP. Later, her party TMC lodged a complaint with Election Commission alleging capturing of eight booths by BJP workers in the Moyna constituency.

BJP supporters gathered and began raising slogans. Later, TMC supporters reached the spot and chanted anti-Suvendu slogans. TMC and BJP workers faced off outside, hurling bricks, trading abuses, and brawling with each other. The situation became tense and the two sides nearly came to blows. Banerjee called Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankar to complain, while the administration rushed a police contingent to tamp down tensions. Amid incidents of stray violence in the high profile Nandigram constituency on April 1, Banerjee’s party slammed the Election Commission for “inaction” despite Trinamool Congress lodging several poll-related complaints.

According to the reports, Mamata stated, "I am going to win in Nandigram, but I am worried about democracy. They are influencing voting using the central forces," Mamata said. "Whatever you (Election Commission) try, BJP will not win. In Nandigram, 90% of the votes will to TMC," she added.

For Banerjee, and the BJP, the battle for Nandigram is a prestigious fight because it was the 2007 agitation against land acquisition in Nandigram that catapulted Banerjee to the center stage of politics in West Bengal, paving the way for the TMC’s victory in the 2011 Assembly polls that ended 34 years of Left Front rule.

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