NASA shares a picture of 'Slow Motion Firework'

Picture shared by NASA

NASA has shared an image of a doomed super-massive star 7,500 light-years away named Eta Carinae.

On January 2, 2021, The official Instagram account of NASA shared the photos of 'Slow Motion Firework'. Along with the pictures they share a few lines describing the looks of fireworks. They said, “Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021 Have you ever seen a slow-motion firework show that lasted… well over 150 YEARS? Meet Eta Carinae."

Also stated in the caption, “Eta Carinae, shown here in a @NASAHubble image is a doomed super-massive star 7,500 light-years away that went through a ‘Great Eruption’ in the 1840s that made it the second-brightest visible star in the sky for over a decade — it was so bright that sailors at the time used it as an important navigational star in the southern seas”.

This snapshot by NASA has grabbed the attention of social media users. At present this post has more than 9.4 lakh likes and more than 3000 amassed comments.

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