NASA Shares Beautifully Lit-up Night View of Snow-covered Himalayan Mountains & Lot More from Space

The splendid long-trail shot was taken by a crew member aboard the International Space Station. (Credit: Instagram/@nasa)

Astronauts abroad the International Space Station (ISS), it appears, seem to have taken a pledge of sorts to treat viewers & space enthusiasts to stunning images of how Earth looks from Space.

The recent pictures of snow-covered Himalayan mountains & long exposure pictures of Delhi released by NASA on Instagram will surely leave you spellbound.

It captures the night-time panoramic view of the winding border between India and Pakistan to be seen in a bright cluster of lights along with vibrant yellow & red patches. City lights & the grey color of dense agriculture closely track with great curves of Indus Valley.

The caption of the post says, “The snow-covered Himalayan Mountains are in splendid view in this enhanced, long-exposure image taken by a crew member aboard the @iss. The highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas are the result of 50 million years of collisions between the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates. South of the range, or to the right from this perspective, lies the agriculturally fertile region of northern India and Pakistan”.

The caption further goes onto state that the bright city lights of New Delhi and Lahore are visible below the orange airglow of atmospheric particles reacting to solar radiation.

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