Navy pitches for six nuclear attack submarines, Indo-Pacific in mind.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh to discuss the initiatives taken by the Indian Navy to deal coronavirus pandemic situation in the country.

Source: The Hindustan Times.

The Indian Navy is provided with nuclear-powered attack submarines, the much-needed long legs for deterrent patrols, and access denial in the Indo-Pacific.

To counter the challenge on high seas in a post-pandemic world, with Quad, European Union, and the United Kingdom recognized the Indo-Pacific as the new strategic frontier, the Indian Navy has informed the government of its requirement to build six nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs).

The Naval warships are to provide medical aid to its Island territories in Lakshadweep and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands.

"The future not only lies in the Indo-Pacific but also the arctic route that will open up due to receding snow fields," said a serving admiral.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 3rd of May while discussing the Indian Navy’s operation Samudra Setu II to garner much-needed oxygen from India’s close allies in West Asia.

Under the Atmanirbhar Bharat program, the national security planners are looking at France, the UK, the US, and Russia as potential partners for joint development of SSNs in India.

To assist the people of the country during the pandemic, Admiral Singh called on Prime Minister Modi and briefed him about various initiatives being taken by the Indian Navy. The Admiral said the Navy has reached out to all state administrations and has helped set up hospital beds, transportation, and conduct vaccination drives, and deploying its ships to ferry oxygen containers and essential medical supplies from various countries.

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