Nearly 60% Engineering seats vacant across Bengal after 3 rounds of counselling.

Almost 60% engineering seats remain vacant even after three rounds of counselling

Nearly 60% of seats in Bengal's engineering colleges remain vacant this year after third round of counselling, up by almost 20 percentage points from last year.

Senior educationists and administrators have speculated that the fall in demand for core engineering subjects have been noticed in the past few years due to barren ness in the job sector that has been totally aggravated by the global pandemic of Corona Virus or Covid-19. In certain cases, most of the engineering colleges are failing to guarantee jobs to individuals, let alone a god job.

According to the data released by the higher education department, more than 20,000 engineering seats, of the 34,891 seats available this year at 91private and government college s, are yet to be filled up. This includes 433 seats at a premier institute like Jadavpur University. Last year 13910 seats out of 34941 seats were vacant.

This year's figures may rise up further as a number of students may opt out at a stage where they are required to submit admission fees.

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