Media plays an important role in shaping democracy. It is the backbone of the country. Media makes us aware of our surroundings like, various social, political as well as economical activities. It is like a mirror that shows us the bare truth and harsh realities of life. They keep people updated and informed.

Media also had a negative influence on people. Especially on today's youths. Media shows violence and it has a very bad effect on youths and children. Some of the psychologists have researched it and concluded that children may become less sensitive to the pain and be more fearful of the world around them.

There are some incidents of media violence:

1) In Meerut, 16 years old girl hanged herself after she was reportedly blackmailed by the youth. The accused was also expelled from the village for 5 years. The victim ended her life in Ghaziapur on 21st May 2021. While attending her funeral her family discovered her relationship with an 18-year-old name Tinku Kashyap. The victim's family discovered call recordings in her cell phone. He was blackmailing her that he would tell everyone about their relationship. On Monday 24th May panchayat, as well as the boy, was called and in a video which went viral was shown the boy was slapped and abused. An FIR has been filed against five 'panchs' and the youth has been booked under section 306(abetment to suicide)

2) In Ludhiana, Punjab 18-year-old boy was beaten up by his family. As per reports, the boy's female friend has come to his house on Monday, 24th May when the family learned this they came to the boy's house and assaulted him. He was dragged out and was beaten up. Later, they fastened a rope around the boy a barber was called to shove off a part of his head. As soon as police received this information they reached the spot and the boy was shifted to the hospital immediately.

3) In UP Bareilly district has accused the local police of hammering nails into his foot and hands for not following COVID-19 restrictions. The man named Ranjit reached the police station with nails in his hands and foot. The SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan said that Ranjit's injuries were self-inflicted to avoid being arrested. He said that the man misbehaved with the constable after he was asked to not roam without a mask.

4) In Pune, a man allegedly murdered a 75-year-old woman and sexually assaulted her body in a village near Chakan. The accused was the victim's neighbor. He was aware that the woman lives alone. On Monday 24th of May, he went to the woman's house to sexually assault her. When the woman tried to resist him he used the blowpipe to bludgeon her to death. The 52- year- old accused then sexually assaulted her and left her body semi-naked and fled from the spot. When the police learned about the case they investigated the neighbors and used a dog squad to find the accused. During the interrogation, the accused confessed to his involvement in the murder.

There are many more such cases that the media covers that may have harmful effects on children who watch it for a long time.

In a research which was done by psychologist L. Rowell Huesmann, Leonard Eron in the 1980s discovered that children who watch many hours of violence on television during their elementary school period tend to be more aggressive in behavior when they become teenagers. They are more likely to be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts as adults.

By watching violence for many hours children may become less sensitive to the pain and sufferings of others. They may also be more fearful of the world around them. They may behave in aggressive and harmful ways towards others.

Therefore, for some people watching media violence becomes enjoyable and does not affect their behavior.

By analyzing these current incidents, we can see and feel the aggressiveness of the youths these days. We feel that today's generation is not aware of the density of what one life carries on this planet.

We feel that the responsibility lies on each of us equally to guide them not control them.

These cases clearly shows that there is a small aspect that these days youths don't feel like sharing at all with their parents, elders or friends.

We feel this impact can be guided from the starting When the parents can guide them or find their interests in productivity.

Media coverage won't be filtered for the youths or teenagers but as a guided youth, they can choose what to get influenced with, that guide is needed these days.

This is truly an adverse effect caused by the media and the assumption of these contents.

We can make an effort of reducing it by making an alternate way or distracting the youths for a more productive content which will influence them to be a better person and make them feel how important a single life carries here. And no one here is to judge that how should others live.

There are lots of web series, plays which show a lot of life's moral values. These can be the best substitute for them to grow out of this the right way.

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