Negatively spiked graph for Covid-19 virus

A 12% drop in fresh cases of Covid-19 virus was recorded in the last week on Sunday in reference to the recorded score of 16%, a week prior to that. The fresh covid cases that are being recorded are much less than that that was recorded a much lower rate of decline. In the last five weeks, this was the first time when such a low spiking graph was seen for the first time.

Rapid tests are being conducted at health centers across Vishakhapatnam

Doctors and scientists are really hopeful regarding this improvement and are expecting a much flatter graph for the Indian hinterlands. In regard to this, the recorded Covid-19 cases were 67,490, which was about 42,738 numbers less than the cases recorded during the week of October 26- November 1.

Furthermore, the weekly death toll also continued to decrease at a pacing rate, which is about 21% less than the death toll recorded in the previous week, when the recorded rate was 4513.

Kerala and Maharashtra lead the tally

In regard to this, most of the states recorded Covid-19 cases with more or less the same cases with respect to the recordings of the previous days. However, there are a few exceptions. Kerela recorded a high number of new cases for a straight ten days at 7205. The country capital reported a high number of fresh cases on Sunday.

Maharashtra on the other part continued to report an alarming rate of covid 19 cases, with the death rate continually fluctuating between less and more.

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