Neighbor Allegedly Tried to Violate the Chastity of Two Minors in Firozabad, UP

The rape case was very traumatizing as their neighbour were the ones

Ramgarh Police Officials on Sunday confirmed the case of attempt to rape of two minor girls by their neighbor. On the basis of complaint by the victims’ father, a case under the POSCO Act has been filed against the culprit.

The Superintendent of Police MC Mishra assured that they will initiate strict action against the accused & will produce him before the court.

As sources revealed, the incident took place when those girls were busy doing the field work, the 45-year-old neighbor latched on them like a hungry hyena to outrage their modesty.

In order to resist the rape attempt, the girls screamed loudly in fear which in turn attract the attention of the near by people. Apprehending danger, the accused fled from the place immediately.

The girls have been sent to have their medical examinations & Police investigation is on to nab the criminal as soon as possible.

(The victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)

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