Two schools shut down their campuses for COVID-19 detection

Two city schools officially shuttered down their campuses after a pre-board exam candidate and a senior teacher tested positive for Covid. La Martiniere for Boys and St Lawrence High School have both sent notices to parents in this regard.

On Monday, In St Lawrence High School, the lab practicals for the higher secondary examination that were scheduled have been pushed back till the end of the month. The pre-board exams, which are called rehearsal examinations at La Martiniere schools, are ongoing and a student of Class X who was writing these tests has tested positive.

The school has announced a shutdown of all offline exams and classes for the moment and the campus will also be shut down. A notice has been sent to parents by principal John Rafi, he says that "the remaining exams will be taken online and classes will go back to the online mode. Teachers have also been asked not to come to the campus for the time being."

The notice sent by St Lawrence's principal Father Sebastian said, "the school will stay shut till March 29. The teacher who tested positive used to teach classes VIII, IX, and XI. Teachers and parents have expressed concern about the contact that might have happened while the classes were on and teachers said an eight-day closure would not have been enough. They felt it may not be safe to come back to the campus on March 29. The school has pushed back the practical examinations to March 30 and 31."

A teacher said, “The school is calling us back too early. We should each go for Covid test and teach online."

Father Sebastian said, "he has reported the matter to the Council." He also said, “I will talk to the Council again on Monday. I will be guided by what the Council says." He added, “We have completed all our practical practice sessions and children will not have a problem facing the practicals directly. We are keeping all our offline classes off and have asked our teachers to go into a complete online teaching mode from Monday.”

Rafi said, "I have asked students to not be upset at the development. It is important to complete the rehearsal exams online now and get on with studies as nothing should affect their concentration before the boards."

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