New Delhi: Weather for the next three days with ghostly gusts.

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(the temperature of Delhi, today)


New Delhi -

IMD (Indian metrological department) stated that the highly western circumstance affected the weather of Delhi because of which the cyclone may take in many factors.


The weather prognosis the next 3 days.

New Delhi usually recorded 19.7 mm rainfall each year but this year the forecast is jaw-dropping as it received 144.8 mm rainfall. Delhi received 165 mm rainfall in 2008 earlier.

Kuldeep Srivastav - a scientist at IMD and head of the regional weather forecasting center notified that

The weather of the National capital will remain at its extreme height till Wednesday. The gusty winds will reach 30-40 km/ hour.on Tuesday the speed may vary.

The air quality

SAFAR- a system of air quality and weather forecasting and research is an initiative to check out the pollution in the air in the urban cities. The sampling of Sunday AQI - (air quality index) was 101. The AQI will remain favorable and moderate within the upcoming 2 days of June.

The minimum and maximum temperatures on Sunday were 25.2 degrees Celsius and 38.2 degrees Celsius respectively; which was 2 degrees below normal.

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Weather on this day - 31 May 2021.

“very less rainfall or thunderstorms,” with a cloudy sky.

Delhi, the weather today

Top 5 extraordinary things those we must know-

1. The AQI taped 106 this day. That the AQI between 0- 50 is good.

2. At 8.30 AM. The relative humidity was 50%.

3.Rain and thunderstorms as expected by IMD.

4. Ghostly winds at the speed of 30- 40 km/ hour.

5. The day temperature Will reach above 38 degrees Celsius.

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