New York Size Icceberg Breaks Off From Ice Shelf in Antarctica


On Friday, an iceberg almost the size of New York broke off from Antarctica. The area was 1270 square kilometers as pointed out by British Antarctic Survey. It broke off in a process called calving. Calving is the sudden breakage of a mass of ice from the main glacier.

The iceberg was reported to break off the ice shelf near Britain’s Helley Research Station. The Station was empty as the 12 staff personnel had left at the onset of Antarctic winter.

“The first indication that a calving event was imminent came in November 2020 when a new chasm – called North Rift – headed towards another large chasm near the Stancomb-Wills Glacier Tongue 35 km away. North Rift is the third major crack through the ice shelf to become active in the last decade,” said a BAS report on their official site.

The scientists were expecting this calving. They had noticed cracks in the ice shelf. They were prepared for such an event for years, said Professor Dame Jane Francis, Director of BAS.

The current activities of the BAS include predicting the effects of such calving. They believe that such calving can lead to further breakage of several ice blocks from the glacier.

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