NMC directs Medical Colleges to set up oxygen plants.

The second wave of the corona has led to a huge demand for oxygen across the country, therefore the center has directed all the states to work upon making captive oxygen plants in all the medical colleges as a ‘’ future norm” in a meeting hold between the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers to review the situation of the Pandemic. To which the regulator of the country’s medical education has made few amendments regarding the placement of oxygen plants.

On Monday, the commission issued a public notice which covered the information about the " draft amendments ". According to the final amendment on the provision by the National Medical Commission (NMC), all the medical colleges in India will need to have PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) or VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) produced Oxygen supply along with the supply of liquid Oxygen tank for the patients with the critical condition who need immediate access to the oxygen within the time period of six months.

The NMC notice issued by the secretary of NMC Dr. R K Vats, states “Central Oxygen and Suction points shall include the provision of piped oxygen supply to all beds in hospital having patients in the critical condition/requiring oxygen from liquid oxygen tank installed at an appropriate place in the hospital complex. In addition, all medical college hospitals are also required to have a dedicated PSA technology produced oxygen supply in addition to supply from a liquid oxygen tank, which is to be installed and made operational within six months, notwithstanding the requirement of the Department of Emergency Medicine mandated from 2022 onwards.”

Over the last few days, the hospitals in many cities have faced an acute shortage of medical supplies especially oxygen and ventilators. By setting up oxygen plants in medical colleges across the country, the government hopes to meet the high demand for oxygen as soon as possible.

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