NMCG develops infrastructure for a cleaner Ganga for Kumbh

NMCG initiates multiple projects for ensuring a cleaner Ganga for Kumbh Mela. Source- The Hindustan Times

Haridwar, the holy place on the Banks of Ganges is an ever-expanding place. This city is heavily popular among the masses as a holy pilgrimage site. Every day, thousands of pilgrims visit the city to wash away their sins by bathing in the Holy Ganga. Haridwar is also popular for the month-long Kumbh Mela. The city receives crores of people from around India during this time.

In the last few years, the pollution in the Ganges has increased by multifold. The sewage drainage into the Ganges has made the water turbid and unclean. The NMCG (National Mission of Cleaning Ganga) has been working to ensure a cleaner Ganga. They are taking up many initiatives to ensure that the pilgrims get cleaner water to bathe. Under the Namami Ganga Programme, all the major and minor sources of river pollution have been sealed.

Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, the Director-General of NMCG, said, "We added lots of new projects. In Sarai and Jagjeetpur, many projects have started. Now, 145 MLD capacities are there in Haridwar, and 113 and 115 MLDs have actually been used. So we are fully geared up in Haridwar to meet any kind of sewage pollution. This is not for the present load but even for the future".

He also said that many projects were inaugurated last month by PM Narendra Modi. The projects on the Rishikesh side or Muni ki Reti are completed to stop any flow coming from there. The team has ensured that any load coming to the Ganges in Haridwar can be tackled. Soon, the holy river will not be getting any raw sewage load from different sources.

The NMCG has channeled routes for sewage to divert into sewage treatment plants. Kassawan Nala was one of the biggest drains that were emptying into the Ganges. It drained a heavy load of sewage thereby polluting the river.

The Director-General of NMCG, Rozy Aggarwal said, "no sewage is now going to Haridwar. Even the upper reaches of Uttarkhand in the River Ganga are not receiving any pollution. This is the kind of preparation which we have done for upcoming Kumbh".

The Sewage Treatment Plants at Sarai are fully functional. All the sewage from Kassawan Nala is being treated there.

Several other projects of the NMCG are also underway. The Government of India through NMCG has been working to provide a cleaner holy site. This not only for the pilgrims but also the inhabitants along the course of the river.

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