No tax on the Black Fungus pills but an exact tax on covid- 19 treatments - G.S.T council

Portrait reference- DNA India

GST- Goods and service tax

The Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitaraman with the council of ministers such as Meghalaya deputy minister - Conrad Sigma and various other ministers, holds the 44 g.s.t. meets. The primary intention of the meeting was the tax reduction for the various covid- 19 relief equipment.

The result of the meeting is that there will be no tax on the medicine of Black Fungus, also known as mucormycosis that are monoclonal antibodies, Tocilizumab and Amphotericin B.

The tax rule is unavoidable until September 30.

Portrait source - Bharat Biotech

The tax upon the covid 19 vaccine raw materials is the same as before.

○RT - PCR machine and RNA extraction machine are taxed at 18%.

They charged Genome sequencing kits 12%.

○Other pill includes 5-12% tax rates.

Anti-congruent likes Remdesivir and Heparin and any other drug recommended by Health Ministry for covid- therapy.