‘Noise of silence’: Bollywood’s first film on NRC awaits OTT release

A still from the film. The NRC fiasco left many people out of the list which led to a lot of chaos nationwide including the mass protest in North East Delhi.

"Noise of Silence", Bollywood first movie on the National Register of Citizens(NRC). Inspired by true events, this movie was shot entirely in Tripura over 20 different locations.

The director Saif Baidya says it was made with the sole purpose to portray the plight of a huge population in Assam that was struck out from the NRC list.

The movie pictures a couple who find themselves excluded from the list and a Rohingya Muslim girl who enters India in search of her mother.

Baidya's former assistant director who had to run from post to pillar to attend the court to voice their citizenship after his father, who served the Indian Army, was struck off the list.

Baidya was very affirmative that the film would appeal to the masses the implications and trials of CAA and NRC in Assam.

Due to lockdown, the movie couldn't release in theatres and thus the makers resorted to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Zee 5, etc.

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