MGNREGS:- Punjab hitting expenditure target

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Punjab hit the target of expenditure on agriculture and NREGA

Amid the pandemic where all other states are suffering from a huge decline in the profit from the industrial sector. Punjab being a geographically blessed with fertile land and good quality of water facilities, heritage land, supervision skills, crop knowledge, and great government involvement in terms of expenditure on agriculture.

For the first time, Punjab hit the target of expenditure on agriculture and also with the help of workers under NREGA. There is a 15 percent jump in the expenditure on such workers as compared to the past year.

Data source MGNREGA expenditure on agriculture in the adjacent financial year from April to September 5,


FY2016-17 - 45.02 percent

FY2017-18 -52.48 percent

FY2018-19 -56.31 percent

FY2019-20 -46.62 percent

Block development and panchayat officer (BDPO) in Jalandhar said "keeping eyes on the migrated workers in their respective village' they are designing the work by focusing on this situation. Other works include cattle shelter and fodder, creating infrastructure facility for fisheries, biofertilizer, a pucca storage facility for agriculture produce micro and macro irrigation projects, etc.".BDPO also added that these projects could be taken up but at the ground level as there is a shortage of staff to execute them.

"Punjab is also focusing on recharging the groundwater table as the water table is going down due to paddy crop their is a huge scope of involving the workers in the activity of conserving, harvesting structure to argument and improving groundwater," BDPO said. The farmers can dig a small pond in the corner of their field to collect the rainwater, which will ultimately help in recharging the water table and save the crop from getting damaged because of accumulation of water in the field," he added

Some other works like the promotion of livestock and construction of several animal shelters will also be constructed under MNREGA, the DPDO said.

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