Odisha doctor, Ramchandani opens 1 rupee clinic

Doctor treating his patient.(Source:-https://www.tribuneindia.com/ )

Well, each one us run to doctors when we are ill, these doctors have ailments for one or the diseases, at least we believe so isn't it? Now treatments require a lot of funds and if that's for the long run, then thousands of money are been placed, let say a person is in the last stage of cancer and the family wants his or her to get cured of, don't they spend money? thousand of funds are placed up, the whole process becomes a process of gambling.

India being a third world country, the developing nation is still suffering from poverty, millions of people lack nutrition, proper intake of food, work, treatment, etc which results in loss of several lives per year.

Now, An assistant professor in the department of medicine named Shankar Ramchandani of Veer SurendraSai Institute of Medical Science and Research (VIMSAR), Burla, Sambalpur of Odisha opened a clinic in the town this month where he along with his wife Sikha Ramchandani, a dental surgeon would be treating patients in just one rupee.

As a doctor, he always desired to treat several underprivileged, poor post his working hours but being the senior resident of VIMSAR he was never allowed to but his promotion this month made his dream succeed today.

Therefore this 38-year-old doctor treats all charging just one rupee, one rupee because he doesn't want to make any of the patients feel that they are been provided a free treatment or so which quite evidently shows the man doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or pin down any section of the society. This clinic has been set up at the Kaccha Market area in Burla town and is open from 7 AM to 8 AM in the morning and 6 PM to 7 PM in the evening.

In an interview , the doctor further added; he always wished to serve the nation. honestly, every doctor wishes to, isn't it? be it the underprivileged, poor, destitute, elderly, also the people who do not have adequate access to medical facilities. Doctors are for masses and not classes, he said.

Hence, during the year 2019, this man Dr. Ramchandani was in headlines as he carried a leprosy patient in his arm to his place and his father had asked h to open his own hospital but due to lack of fund that could not happen and today he finally could open this clinic.

Well, now that covid is one of the major concerns around every city, state, country, this man is busy serving an ample number of covid patients post working hours. In fact, last October he carried a corona patient in his car to the hospital. That's what a nobleman does, that's what a doctor does, Right?

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