Odisha Farmers hold "Chakka Jam".

Vehicular traffic hits all over the national highways Source:- https://odishatv.in/

Vehicular traffic hit several parts of Odisha, as the farmers of the state have planned a road blockade to object against the Centre's farm laws, attitudes, and the harassments the community have faced during the protest in Delhi, claiming "the Centre is actually trying to suppress a democratic movement in the country by their dirty tricks and force".

The vehicular hit, called the "Chakka Jam" occurred for three hours in different parts of Sambalpur, Keonjhar, Bhubaneswar, Jagatsinghpur, etc including more than 20 districts of the state with the same following issue the entire community is facing for a long time; the irregularities in Paddy Procurement of Paddy and Mandi.

The protest started up early at 10 a.m in morning. The vehicular movements have been paralysed and if there's any emergency then such cases will be considered , the farmers said and also exclaimed that they are aiming for a peaceful protest ,appealed the public to cooperate during the hour.

Therefore, the All India Kishan Sangharsh Coordination Committee(AIKSCC), the umbrella organization of different farmer outfits initiated the protest and have blocked several national highways and state highways across the state . Suresh Panigrahi from AIKSCC said they will also be blocking different areas of the state capital such as Master Canteen, Rajmahal, Jaydev Vihar, etc, he also clarified in this speech that this is not at all a Bharat Bandh and is all about showing solidarity to the farmer movement.

Hence, nothing other than the road traffic will be affected by the protest, no offices, no other establishments shall be distressed. Other organizations such as POKSS, BKMU, etc also are involved in the following action and therefore will be obstructing the NH16, NH6, etc like highways just to maintain the protest the entire community is been plotting against the government in action.

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