Odisha: Jagannath Temple Reinstates, Puri huts tears Of Joy

Jagannath Temple in Puri

Jagannath temple reopened on Wednesday after remaining closed from March 20 for the covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, only servitors allowed to enter the temple. Devotees became highly emotional. The temple has around 2,130 servitors. Residents of Puri municipality will be allowed to enter the temple from today till December 31. Devotees from outside will be entered into the temple from January 3. Non-Puri town devotees will have to provide their Covid test report.

Jagannath temple will be closed for "darshan" on January 1 and 2. Because at that time could be a heavy rush, so the administration confirmed it will not be able to control the situation.

For all devotees, the temple will reopen from January 3. According to the temple administration, it was studying at permitting about 5,000 devotees in a day at first for one week.

For the Covid-19 scenario, sanitizers and face masks are mandatory for devotees. For entry into the temple to collect Covid negative report became a rule. Likewise, the limitations on permitting flowers and diyas into the temple will also be urged. Only servitors and their families allowed to present prayers till Friday.

The police personnel providing security arrangements to make sure easy darshan for the local residents. Under the Puri municipality, 32 wards are there. Ward 7 residents will be permitted to enter the temple on Saturday. Ward number 6 and 9 residents have been entering to present prayers in the morning shift between 7.30 am and 11.30 am. The residents of wards 12 and 15 have been booked for the afternoon shift(12 pm to 4 pm). Residents of wards 2,3 and 11 will be permitted to enter the temple in the evening shift from 4.30 pm to 9 pm. Residents of 32 wards will get darshan till December 31.

The devotees will have to march in lines, it's separated by barriers from 1 km from the temple. All will be verified for the entry slips. The devotees should come with their valid photo identity cards as Aadhaar Cards and voter ID cards. All devotees will be recorded. The devotees will be permitted to enter the temple after proper verification through the Singha Dwar (Lion's Gate) and will way out through the Uttar Dwar (north gate).

It is compulsory for all devotees to come wearing face masks. Devotees will not enter into the temple with flowers and blogs or will not touch the idols, stones, or other structures also.

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