On World Cancer Day, let's try to heal patients psychologically

Last year (2020) was the year concerned with the pandemic, in that high wave we totally have forgotten about all other diseases which need serious treatments too. One of them is Cancer. The year where each and human being going through depression and anxiety which affected in a very bad manner, then could you all about the effect the cancer patients have gone through. Besides some physical treatment, mental treatment is also necessary for cancer patients. On World's Cancer Day, let's hope for a new treatment psychologically.

Why mental health and its treatment is important for cancer patients?

We all know that our mind controls every tiny thing and reactions of our body. The main factor is that it stimulates our emotions. If a person won't get satisfied with the treatment mentally, the treatment could not able to heal it physically. When a person hears of his 100% chance of recovery he gets happy by this, by which he gathers all positivity and does not mark a single doubt in his brain about this. Hence, he got mentally and physically prepared for the treatment. It does not mean that the doctor has to guarantee fake things, the main highlighting is that the person got mental peace which makes him fully prepared for further treatment.

According to a survey, more than half the patients suffering from cancer suffer from severe depression, mood swings, anxiety because they have a fear of death. Each and hour for them looks like a death hour to them until and unless someone consoles them, tried to take them out of this situation. This is the reason they cannot take the treatment physically because their minds are not set for it. If it is tried to give a little bit of mental peace to the patients, may a hope could be conducted for the recovery.

How mental treatment will help cancer patients?

If a cancer patient gets hope to have a new life then he will also get a hope of recovering too. When a person gets healed from depression, mood swings, etc, his brain fills with hope, happiness, no worries and at last, these would help so much to the cancer patients to get comfortable with the treatment. Even many doctors, suggest the patients visit a psychologist but they could not take a step ahead for the thinking of society. As society thinks that those who visit a psychologist are mad.

Many cancer patients lose their hair due to chemotherapy, which makes them unconfident. They start to get worried about their looks, and obviously, the social comments are always there to make them sadder. According to doctors, this sadness is not at all good for a person who has cancer it can make them weak and their health may deteriorate more. If the patients gain the lost confidence and slowly stop thinking about their attire, it will make them mentally strong and prepared.

A cancer patient can be consoled by any person in their surrounding, it's not necessary that only the doctors will console them. It's also about all of us present in the society, we can make a better environment for cancer patients. Let's stop commenting on them, on their looks. Let's start to be a part of their healing chapter

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