Pakistan’s confederate, Lashkar- e- Taliba Terrorist Killed In Srinagar.

On Tuesday, top Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist Nadeem Abrar and a Pakistani national, present in the Pirampora city of Srinagar were killed in an encounter between them and the Srinagar Police.

Image source: ANI News

CRPF forces under operation in J&K. (Representative)

Nadeem Abrar is the commander-in-chief of the terrorist group Lashkar- e- Taiba. He was involved in several instances where security force personnel were killed and was on the wanted list for a long time. Upon being caught in the Parimpora Naka check post, he led the officials to a location in Maloora locality where his arms were stored.

A spokesperson of the police described the entire incident. To quote him-

"On Parimpora naka (check post), a vehicle was stopped and their identity was asked while the person sitting in the back seat tried to open his bag and took out a grenade. The police swiftly swung into action and grabbed the person sitting in the back seat. Both the driver and the person sitting in the back seat were taken into police custody. After taking off his mask, it was identified that he was terrorist Abrar, a top LeT commander.”

The Jammu and Kashmir Police, along with CRPF, had some leads on terrorist activities being carried on around the highways. Thus, a few joint check posts of JK Police and the CRPF were set up along the highways. One such check post was the Parimpora Naka. A pistol and a few grenades were recovered from Abrar and his companion on the spot.

Later, Abrar was taken to the location in Maloora wherein Abrar was shot by his own men. The officials had cordoned the house and Abrar was to enter the house. However, he was shot dead by one of his associates already present in the house. In the initial rounds of fire, 3 CRPF personnel were injured too. The CRPF soon overpowered the foreign national present inside the house. From the house in Maloora two AK-47 rifles and some ammunition were recovered.

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