Passers-by rescued a woman from her husband's deadly attack, pelted stones to stop

A man in Telangana had attempted to kill his wife in broad daylight, while passers-by pelted stones to rescue her.

(Representative Picture)

On Wednesday in Khammam District of Telangana, a woman has been barely rescued by passers-by, when her husband tried to kill her, suspecting her of infidelity.

The accused, Nageshwar Rao, an electrician in occupation lives away from his wife and children in Chilakalapadu, Andhra Pradesh.

In February, Navya, the victim carried her children and came to stay in the TNGO colony of Khammam, without telling her husband.

Since then, Nageshwar had been trying to track down them and on Wednesday he finally spotted Navya riding an auto-rickshaw. He followed her at a desolate place, thrashed her into a roadside bush and tried to kill her with stones, even tried to strangulate her.

Few passers-by, fortunately, found out them and pelted stones at Nageshwar and somehow managed to rescue Navya. While the victim has been rushed to the hospital for treatment, the accused has handed it over to the police. A probe has been launched.

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