"Pathshala" for rag-pickers children at Ghazipur protest site

Children studying at the protest site.


Ghazipur, a city of Uttar Pradesh generally known for the city with headquarters of the district recently located "Pathshala "for children of rag pickers.

Now, several farmers were protesting in the city and their children were lacking education during the time. A body called Mata Savitribai Phule Mahasabha organized classes for these children aiming they will provide the required education to each and every farmer's child. Initially, they started up with 12 children on the 22nd of January along with the local children who were apparently the children of rag pickers who used to stay nearby.

Meanwhile, on the 26th of January, a few of the women protestors left the tent along with their children which now keeps 90 local students in the Pathshala. Radha one of the student who is 10, says, "I left my previous school because they've asked for fees that my father could not afford. I don't have a mother and my father is a rag picker." Vaishali, another student who is 11, states," This is the first school that I am attending, presently I am learning alphabets and numbers".

This Saturday afternoon, the children also have added color to the protest with a march on the song "nanha munna rahi hoon" post their classes which in fact, led one of the member Nirdesh Singh to utter "pencils and copies have now replaced the bottles and wrappers from this students, you know". The pathshala also contains a whiteboard in the tent featured with alphabets, numbers and in the bottom written with a slogan, "Shiksha ka hum ko Adhikar, sabko Shiksha dey sarkar", which rightly points out that education should be for all be it you, me or these children. The classes take place in two shifts now, one from 10 to 12 in the morning, another from 4 to 6 in the evening.

Hence, the NGO operators have also exclaimed that this process isn't a temporary one and in fact, they will make it a permanent one quite soon, they've also collected ample information about the students, tried speaking to the families so that they can ensure these children reach their destinations via private schools or the government ones.

These students are between 4 to 12 and the organizers are also putting up adequate efforts to provide education, if a student can read or can write, the members teach them how to read too, and are also provided with personal assistance.

Lastly, the organizers do not accept any kind of donations but books, copies, and pencils or pen which is quite a noble thing these people are doing, Isn't it?

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