PDF versions of voter ID cards to proceed today only

On Monday which is National Voter's Day, the election commission decided to launch 'e-EPIC', which a secure PDF version of the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and which is also uneditable and can be downloaded on phones and computers.

Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the EPIC facility. On Monday the event will proceed by distributing five EPIC cards to new voters. It can be downloaded right after approval. The voters can print the card, laminate it, or can store it digitally. Additionally, a plastic voter EPIC card can be issued upon fresh registration.

All the new voters who applied during the session of November- December 2020 and who have provided their numbers will get SMS and could download e-EPIC between 25 and 31 January 2021. General voters could also able to their e-EPIC within 1 February 2021. If the voters have unique phone numbers in e-Roll, before downloading e-EPIC they have to undergo (KYC) process. Whenever there is a change in address on basis of migration, the e-EPIC will remove the need for a voter to get a new card. A single e-EPIC card would serve with only changed address in QR code which can be downloaded freshly.

Voters who have lost or damaged voter cards will be able to download duplicate cards for free. The principle of ' One nation- one election card' would be enabled. This process includes payment of Rs. 25.

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