People Made To Perform Frog Jump For Violating Lockdown Norms in Bihar

Updated: May 14

An innovative way of punishing lockdown violators in Bihar; video goes viral across social media.

Bihar's Kishanganj recently witnessed a strange scene. A group of masked men, almost a dozen, were seen gasping as they struggled their respective ways to the finish line. No, it was not military training or a prank. In fact, this was the Bihar police's unique way of punishing the lockdown violators!

This viral video, from an unknown date, recently went viral on social media. It shows a man trying to catch his breath, lagging, gains his pace back as a police officer's baton gives him a blow from behind. However, this is not the only video of such punishment that has gone viral since lockdown in 2020. In Indore's Depalpur village, people were punished similarly in the first week of May. They made the lockdown violators perform frog jump with drumbeats as a punishment.

Like the rest of the country, Bihar has been struggling with the sharp surge in covid-19 cases in the state. Earlier today, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, after a meeting has extended the lockdown till May 25th. Initially, the lockdown was dated from May 5th till May 15th.

The total caseload of coronavirus in India has exceeded six lakhs since April. As of Wednesday, the death count crossed 3,500. Bihar, on the same day, has recorded 9,863 recent cases.

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