People Will Get High-Speed Net Through App While Govt Clears National Wi-Fi Network

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New Delhi: In a moment, you will be catching a high-speed wi-fi network any part of the country in distant areas or density areas in big cities where people get fluctuate signals. It will be easy to open an app on smart phone connecting to the hotspot. Permission granted from government on Wednesday to set up of lakhs of public wi-fi hotspots. This facility people can get from residential area, to a shop holder in the neighborhood.

Union cabinet have approved the public Wi-Fi Access Network Interface(WANI). Millions of people get access easily with seamless connectivity at cheap cost. The method is so easy to catch payment can be done through UPI payments network. Google and Facebook companies also looking for the public Wi-Fi business.

To get this network, one-time registration will be needed from any Wi-Fi provider. After that no need of re-registration or compulsory documentation. People can access WANI network everywhere over the country.

This network is smooth and easy to use for users. The customers who needs faster networks like videos, sports or movies, it will be easy for them.

To set up the public Wi-Fi hotspots referred by telecom regulator. Trai before some years to raise digital connectivity. People in rural areas and smaller towns also getting a source of income. People will get this broadband access at low-cost rates.

According to Trai, the government has sanctioned a structure which will lead to creation of Public Data Office Aggregators(PDOAs) at the peak.

This is expected that this network will load off from highly reclined networks. Wi-Fi hotspots would have high-speed optic fiber. So it will not be burden on existing network, but preferably add-on the infrastructure.

To build the network system vigorous and to stay out the unwanted elements, the government has specified the PDOAs.

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