"Pinjarra todd" leaders in jail because of Delhi police "flimsy pretend".

Image source - Navbharat Times

Natasha Nariwal, Devangana Kalita Iqbal tanha all the leaders of the “Pinjarra todo” movement are permitted bail by the high court on 15 June 2021. They are still in jail for nearly 48 hours as they filed the case under the Unlawful Activities (prevention) act.

Who are they?

Narwal and Kalita are the students of JNU and Iqbal is the college student of Jamia Millia Islamia. The police arrested all three to disturb the “larger complicity” community in North East Delhi in February.

Their goal was too discriminatory timing and preposterous rules for Delhi university girls’ hostel.

According to live law, the Delhi government states that still we need time till 21 June to verify “the outstation permanent address” couldn’t verify because of a paucity of time.

Delhi police - the UDAI verification is a must for the address details. As a “flimsy pretext,” almost 36 hours had passed in the releasing order still they are in busying in making excuses.

High Court discusses-

The high court whose major motive is to deliver freedom has also criticized the government and Delhi police over this case.

We made if much pressure on public rights and issues then democracy will be in danger.

Delhi administration states there is a dominant variation between “right to revolt” and “terrorist activities”.

But as per Twitter, we found out that they are out now.

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