PM Modi Announced Universal Free Vaccination For Adults Over The Age Of 18

Free vaccination for the ones over the age of eighteen as per announcements made by PM Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Monday that, beginning June 21, the government will revert to a centralized procurement method for Covid-19 vaccines. This would provide free doses to states for vaccination of all adults over the age of 18. His declaration came as some states sought the Centre to intervene after failing to secure vaccines in worldwide tenders.

The Centre will now be in charge of 25% of the vaccination work that is currently done by the states. The federal government will be in charge of acquiring and distributing vaccination doses to the states. This means that the federal government will purchase 75% of the total vaccine output from vaccine makers. This would leave the state governments with little choice but to purchase the other 25%.

He also stated that the Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Anna initiative, which provides food to the destitute, would continue until Diwali. He praised the administration's efforts to contain the pandemic. The Prime Minister further emphasized that adhering to Covid guidelines is the only way to battle this invisible enemy.

The program is to kickstart from June 21st. Here are the details you need to know:

  • In the next few days, the country's vaccine supply will be expanded.

  • The remaining 25% of vaccinations manufactured will be available at private facilities.

  • Vaccine doses can be obtained at private hospitals and health centers for those who can pay for them.

  • Private sector hospitals can charge a service fee of up to Rs 150 per dosage. This would be in addition to the vaccine's base price.

  • State governments will be in charge of overseeing the drive at private hospitals

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