Police accused two for encounter in Anandapur

Kolkata: The police arrested two people in charge of the encounter case in Gulshan Colony in Anandapur. The officers were asked to make sure that they have hooked all the subjects to the accusation.

In consideration of an election year, the officers are aiming to shoot a prompt against unauthorized arms. According to an officer, they got hints of an explosion as both the associates had import men outside.

On Friday, the explosion took place while the firing carries out from both side as one of the groups tried to sell the flats after completing the unfinished work as the property is still not constructed properly, this property seemed in disagreement since 2012. Md Sajid(24) and Nadim Ashraf(39), the two accused got imprisoned that night since they shoot two victims Bhajan Bhakta(3) and Showkat Ali(21).

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