Police arrested Kanarjit Kangujam - father of Licypriya Kangujam, a child activist.

In a joint operation, Delhi police and Manipur police arrested Kanarjit. (Source of image: The Times of India) On May 31, The Delhi Police and the Manipur Police informed they arrested Kanarjit Kangujam (also known as Dr. KK Singh) on charges of forgery and cheating. He is a self-proclaimed youth leader, also the father of Licypriya Kangujam, a nine-year-old climate activist. Police said he got arrested from his current residence in Delhi’s Safdarjung and that a reward of Rs 1 Lakh had been announced on information leading to his arrest. By the Chief Judicial Magistrate in Manipur, Kanarjit was declared as an absconder in 2016. He got arrested and released on bail on charges of fraud, assault, and criminal breach of trust.

Picture of Kanarjit Kangujam and his daughter Licypriya. (Source of image: Twitter) Kanarjit had duped various hotels, self-help groups, and individuals of more than Rs 19 lakh for a Global Youth Meet that he had organized in Imphal in 2014. By describing himself as the director and acting chief at ‘UNESCO Youth Foundation’, he even misled state and other foreign dignitaries. The UN body dismissed all his claims and informed that they had no official relation with Kangujam’s foundation. Recently, a Nepalese youth filed a complaint against Kanarjit. He said that in the name of a European youth exchange program, Kanarjit defrauded him of Rs 30,000. The International Youth Committee, an organization founded by Kangujam “to facilitate effective partnerships with youth and youth-led organizations,” many national and international students have deceived money about Rs 3 crore on the pretext of fees for various international youth exchange programs in 2018 and 2019. In June as, The Print reported, "The International Youth Committee (IYC), of which K.K. Singh is chairperson, is an organization at a non-existent address in New Delhi, and found its clientele among young people from modest backgrounds looking to better their lives. They set the organization up to hold seminars and conferences, and give young people a chance to participate." However, these programs were never organized.

(Source of image: Twitter)

Kanarjit Kangujam is also accused of exploiting his daughter for his own ambitions. The Print reported, "Licypriya’s social media accounts, where calls to raise money are emphatic, are not controlled by her directly, and require parental consent to operate, creating suspicion about K.K. Singh using her as a front." Although, a campaign by Licypriya on Ketto to source oxygen concentrators for COVID-19 patients has raised over Rs 75 lakh, so far.

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