Police arrested 5 including parents; were planning to kill their 6-year-old in child sacrifice bid.

On April 21, police arrested 5 people, including the child's parents who were planning to kill their daughter in a child sacrifice bid. It was the girl's maternal grandmother who filed a case against her daughter- and son-in-law. She informed that 3 people and the child's parents tortured the 6-year-old and his brother (age 15). The 5 arrested are R Ranjitha (girl's mother, 37), R Ramesh (the father, 44), R Indumatihi (Ramesh's 2nd wife, 34), and two acquaintances - Dhanalakshmi (aka Sasi, 38, a sorcerer) and S Mariappan (42). It was Dhanalakshmi who convinced the parents to sacrifice their child. B Bagyam, the child's maternal grandmother, said Ranjitha and Ramesh already had 2 children when he married Indumatihi 6 years ago. As Ranjitha had no issues with the marriage, the 3 were living together at a house in Rail Nagar near Rangampalayam. Last year, Indumatihi invited Dhanalakshmi, after which she started visiting their house and later performed odd rituals at night. She used to dress like Lord Shiva in the process and in February; she told the couple that the sacrifice of their 6-year-old would bring significant power to them. The girl's brother overheard their conversation and immediately informed his grandmother. Soon after getting the information, she went to their home asking for an explanation, where both the parents abused her and sent her back. That is when Bagyam lodged a complaint at DCP's office. She reported they stopped the boy from going to school and did not admit their 6 yr old in a school. Both the children got beaten and were forced to do the household work. Also, the parents refused to give their son's transfer school certificate when asked for by the grandmother. All the 5 fled as they filed the complaint against them. They formed a special team to search for those who fled away. They intercepted the 5 inside a car found near Perundurai on April 21, in the morning.

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