Policeman Abducted,Converted and married a minor Hindu girl in Sindh,Pakistan

In Pakistan's Sindh province, where the cases of abduction, conversion, and forced marriage of young Hindus are increasing alarmingly in recent days, another case Surfaced. But this time the case is threatening as an allegation is pointed towards a Policeman who was deployed at a picket for the security of the area's minority residents.

According to the sources, Neena Kumari, a minor daughter of Ramesh Lal of Halani Darbar in Sindh's Naushahro Feroze district has been abducted, converted to the nearby "dargah" renamed as Maria, and taken to Karachi to get married by the policeman Ghulam Maroof Qadri.

A Hindu leader, unwilling to disclose his identity said, "Neena went missing about five days ago. When she failed to return from school, her family searched for her and came to know about the kidnapping"(Source: TOI). Though the marriage has been taken place on 11th February, the marriage certificate was uploaded to social media on Tuesday, where Neena's Date of Birth was missing, mentioning her as 19 years old, whereas her parents claim their daughter is a minor.

The whole incident leaves a trail of insecurity and agitation among the Hindus. One Hindu leader of All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat(APHP)said: "We can't even trust the policeman deployed to protect us or ask our Government for a protect near our temple after this incident."

This is the second case of abducting converting and marriage in 15 days duration, the last case was reported in the same province, where a Hindu girl was kidnapped, converted, and married on the very day of her wedding. According to resources, this one implies more concerns as it is the case that happened after the signing of a private agreement between Hindus and Muslim clerics of Pakistan about taking consent of the minority girls and their parents before their conversation.

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