Political rivalries taking forefront, diminishing the country:


The rivalry between the two major political parties of India, BJP, and Congress has always dominated the political landscape of the country. Even in such a hostile situation of the India-China border standoff, the two parties seem adamant to continue these counterattacks on each other.

Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister of India made a statement in Lok Sabha on Tuesday that, China has violated all the bilateral agreements to maintain peace, creating a hostile situation along the Line of Actual Control, in the border region of Eastern Ladakh. He also stated that India still wants a peaceful resolution of the crisis, but the country is ready to face any situation and all the challenges successfully.

The MPs of the Congress party walked out of the House and protested in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, as they were not allowed to speak on the Indo-China border issue, after Singh's statement. Earlier, the Congress proposed a discussion on the India and China border standoff in Eastern Ladakh during the Business Advisory Committee Meeting, but the government declined the proposition, citing the high-sensitivity of the matter.

Rahul Gandhi, former President of the Congress, tweeted his reaction in Hindi, stating, it is evident from the statement of the Defence Minister that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has misled the country on the Chinese encroachment. He also wrote that our country has always stood by the Indian armed forces, and will continue to do so in the future too. Rahul Gandhi made a jibe on the Prime Minister, asking Modiji when he will stand against China and when he will take back the land of our country from China. He also told Modiji to not be afraid of taking China's name.

Such is the present political scenario of our country, India.

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