Post-Pandemic gains more money than Pre-Pandemic

The last year was full of disaster as we all had gone through a traumatic phase. Last year due to the outbreak of covid-19 throughout the world, many people got sick as well as lost their close ones. Many companies have fired many employees as they're unable to give them their payable. A lot of poor persons have suffered a lot as they're unable to arrange some food to live. Not only that in West Bengal Amphan had equally played a devilish role. The overall whole of 2020 was full of poisonous stuff.

But in that year the stock market has seen more gain than in the post-Covid-19 phase. In March 2020, the Sensex of the stock market was extremely low. But at present, the Sensex has been scaling new highs as well as making investors richer. In 2021, just after 7 sessions the Sensex has reached over 1,500 points to race past 48k and 49k over record foreign fund flow.

The graph shows the Sensex of Post-pandemic has given up to 10% more return than Pre-Pandemic :

Health concerns and WFH announced Pharma & IT Companies the winners :

Foreign funds were overflown :

Other assets too have been upbeat :

Bank savings have gone up :

So with these data, it is quite clear that the further upcoming money numbers are going up.