Prashant Kishor Resigns As Principle Advisor To Punjab CM; Has His Eyes On A Endeavour.

a letter to Amrinder Singh, present Chief Minister of Punjab, the famous political strategist Prashant Kishor announced his resignation today as the principal advisor to his party. Ahead of the Punjab elections to be held in 2022, he had written to the CM that he was taking "a temporary break from an active role in public life." But today he urged Singh to “relieve” him from his responsibilities.

had happily announced the political strategist's appointment and had written he was “happy to work together” while Kishor was looking after Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal campaign against BJP. Kishor was given the rank and the status of a cabinet minister. He had successfully framed Congress’ elections since 2017. The famous tagline of “Punjab da captain” that revolves around Amninder, is Kishor’s creation. However, rumours had it that Kishor really did not look upon his job of orincipal advisor to Singh’s party this time.

letter of resignation to Singh read: " Dear Sir, as you are because of in view of my decision to take a temporary break from an active role in public life, I have not been able to take over the responsibilities as your Principal Advisor. Since I am yet to decide on my future course of action, I write to request you to kindly relieve me from this responsibility."

he wrote he is yet to decide on his future actions, he, in his statements to the press, said that he will not be involved in the coming State elections, which is a clear indication of having his eyes on the national elections of 2024. As the opposition is to likely to combine against BJP, Kishor’s resignation makes it clear that he has other endeavours for his greater role in the national elections, be it as a strategist or a member of Congress.

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