Prayagraj Food Fest all set to go !

Palak ka halwa at Prayagraj Food Fest 2021 (Source:-

And now the wait is over, on Friday, the food fest of Prayagraj 2021 began on the campus of Rahi IIawat tourist bungalow, Allahabad. The festival is a three-day festival adjacent to the kebab festival.

Every year, Prayagraj, the place celebrates a variety of festivals that adds verve and color to the lives of several people, some are religious festivals, cultural as well as the following food festival.

The food fest comprises 19 nonvegetarian dishes and 12 vegetarians which are served to the guests. Kandmool, Tandoori chai, Kachori, etc act as an add-on to it. Other than the main course they also distribute Palak ka halwa, Papita ka halwa, Shahi tukda like mouth-watering dishes to add quintessence to the meals. In fact, they use native flavors and spices in their which quite evidently adds color and the right flavors, exactly how they want it to be.

The Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development (UPSTD), manages the entire program, and people all over the world are welcomed and are taken good care of. This three-day program actually brings a lot of crowd in the place which also helps to develop the tourism of the place.

Dishes of Bundelkhand, Awadh, Purvanehal places are also been served in the fest.

Therefore, if you haven't visited the fest yet, please do visit, surely won't regret it!

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