Presidency Union Withdraws Sit-In Protest After Authorities Accept Demand For Vaccination

Image Source : Facebook

Presidency University Students' Union called for a general body meeting ( UGBM ) on the 6th of this month, Monday, with an eight-point demand, which included the free vaccination of all students by the campus authorities, as a prerequisite for the process of reopening of campuses to begin, the reopening of libraries for the students, the issuing of ID cards for new students, etc.

After 96 hours of agitation and sit-in protest, on Friday, September 10, the university authorities have finally agreed to vaccinate all students for free. They have issued a statement for collecting the required data for the vaccination, asking for help from the SFI led Students' Union in this matter of collecting vaccination information.

The Dean of Students has mentioned that "the university will submit the details to the higher education department within the due date."

The students, for whom the campus gates were closed, used to climb and cross the massive Main Gate of Presidency during this time. They stayed on a sit-in protest which lasted for 96 hours, without electricity or bedding. Most washrooms were also kept under lock and key despite female students staying the night. They spent rainy nights on the hard tiled floors, and finally withdrew their sit-in protest after their main demand of vaccination, along with other demands such as the reopening of libraries, was met. A rally was organised within the campus on Friday with shouts and sloganeering, after declaring victory.

The General Secretary of the SFI led Union, Souren Mullick, mentioned: "The authorities had to give in in the face of our movement. We are withdrawing our sit-in protest, but our larger fight demanding the reopening of campuses goes on."

SFI leader Adrija Karak said, "The union will be active in getting updates from the authority and will keep coming to the campus to ensure that the authority is continuing all the promised activities required to meet our demands."

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