Prince Harry of Britain today launches his new profession as a Hollywood producer on this day.

In this series, these are the role models: Prince Henry and Oprah Winfrey including Lady Gaga who got ravish in the initial stages of melody enterprise and a famous, well-known boxer in Virginia Fuchs.

Syrian refugees and children suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) raging from schizophrenia ultimately leads to depression and anxiety.

Harry, also known as Duke of Sussex, is undergoing EMDR (Eye movement designation and reprocessing) therapy to resolve the unwanted anxiety and mental disorder because of his mother’s death in the series.

Harry's message

He told the interviewers that it would not be good to ask someone for an emotional story if we will tell our own story.

In his first five documentaries as a producer with his wife, Meghan quit their duties as British Royal Family and visited California again last year and signed with Netflix and Spotify.

He also told me that with my story, if just one person inspires then that is worth it.

Inspiration from prince’s father

1. Media attention

2. Being part of Prince Charles’ throne

These are two things that you must be fond of.

Winfrey's View

She as a kid was told by her grandmother to sleep on the porch and there was the worst ever experience Winfrey felt. Her cousin raped her. He was 9.

She included 14th health specialists in her documentary, which was global.

Also point out this series by personal, family members, relatives, or friends from different aspects and figure out people undergoing this mental disorder and treat them with generosity and understanding.

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