Protesting Opposition MLAs thrashed by police in Bihar Assembly

Protesting Opposition MLAs thrashed by police in Bihar Assembly. Source- Zee News India

Patna: Violence broke out in the Bihar assembly on Tuesday. The Bihar Police thrashed Opposition Leaders because they created a ruckus. The Opposition protested about the passing of an alleged 'black law' in the assembly.

Many RJD leaders were carried out on stretchers after the Speaker was virtually held hostage inside his chambers. Disturbing images and video clips spread across social media like fire.

The reason for the ruckus soon came to light. A bill was passed in the assembly which gave a monopoly to the Bihar Special Armed Police to arrest anyone. There was no legal intervention required. The Special Forces can arrest anyone if they feel something is wrong. This will bring about 'Police Raj' in the state.

The Bill gives power to anyone to search without a warrant and take them into custody wherever they are posted.

The Opposition MLAs raised slogans against this. There were many disruptions over this bill. The Bihar Assembly went into chaos when RJD MLAs rushed to the Speaker's chair. They tore the papers and laid siege to the Speaker's chambers. The opposition leaders would not let him exit.

Soon after, the Patna Police intervened to handle the situation. They sent 100 personnel and pushed out protesting leaders from the House. Women Lawmakers climbed up the podium to stop the speaker. They too were removed by the policewomen. Images also came forward where it was seen that these women were 'manhandled' and their sarees were torn due to the scuffle.

Few MLAs of RJD and its ally CPI(M) were severely beaten up. Another MLA appeared before the camera with his hand in a cast. He stated that "members of the ruling coalition broke my arm in presence of CM Nitish Kumar, who chose to look away."

Tejashwi Yadav later tweeted: 'Nitish Kumar, if you are indeed a man, get us shot instead of getting us beaten up."

Mr. Yadav also tweeted: 'Draconian Act which will give absolute power to police, so that it can act as a veritable arm of Nitish's dictatorial politics, has been passed in police protection by throwing out battered MLAs using police itself."

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar strongly condemned the incident that took place in the House. He said that the Opposition Leaders should have participated in the debate rather than creating a ruckus. If they did, they would have answered all their queries.

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