Punjab Gangsters Shot Dead In Encounter At Kolkata High-Rise

Jaipal Bhullar, a criminal on Punjab's most wanted list has been shot dead in an encounter, along with his aide, at an apartment complex in New Town, Kolkata.

In a shootout with the police in Kolkata's New Town area, gangster Jaipal Bhullar and his sidekick Jassi Kharar were gunned down. The Punjab Police and the Special Task Force collaborated to apprehend the two feared criminals (Special Task Force).

Jaipal Bhullar is on the Punjab Police's most wanted criminals list, according to police. More than 50 criminal cases against Bhullar have been filed in police stations in Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Haryana.

The encounter occurred in the Sapoorji Palanji complex in Kolkata's New Town region on Wednesday. The presence of more police officers, including members of the Rapid Action Force (RAF), was observed in the vicinity. At the encounter scene, the Bidhannagar Commissioner of Police, Additional Director General (STF), and other high officials were also seen.

The two culprits opened fire on the STF and Punjab Police during the combing operation. In retaliatory gunfire, gangster Jaipal Bhullar and his associate Jassi Kharar were both slain.

The STF recently seized a large cargo of weaponry in West Bengal's Birbhum, according to sources. The STF and Punjab Police were led to Jaipal Bhullar as a result of the subsequent inquiry.

The encounter is also claimed to have resulted in the injury of one police officer.

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