Purplle or Nykka- what is your go to pick!

In the present time, people feel online shopping more convenient and convincing. Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is falling tremendously. We have a digital marketing space for literally everything we can ask for. From groceries, clothes, accessories, books to makeup, everything has its availability in this field. Speaking of Purplle and Nykaa, both are renowned websites as well as certified applications.

Difference between these top two beauty brands are as stated below:

•PURPLLE. COM is rated 4.4 stars in Google Play Store whereas, NYKAA. COM is rated 4.5 stars.

•Purplle majorly deals with Indian brands, obviously international brands are available too but with considerable variability. On the other hand, Nykaa has a wide range of product availability.

• Purplle deals in makeup, skin, hair, fragrance, accessories, men, electronic, wellness and Nykaa's products are categorized under makeup, skin, hair, appliances, personal care, natural, mom & baby, health & wellness, fragrance, men's store, household supplies, pet care, lingerie & more, clothing & more, bags & footwear, jewelry & accessories, gadget & tech accessories, kids wear.

• Both brands provide exciting offers to attract customers.

• Purplle is a bit inexpensive than Nykaa comparatively. The COD of Nykaa is Rs. 700/- whereas, COD of Purplle is Rs. 500/--

• Both brands claim their products to be top-notched.

• Both the brands deliver the courier by the expectant delivery date.

• Both the brand displays precise description, review, feedback of the products.

We have shared the differences between the products. It's up to you which is your favorite brand.

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