Rahul Gandhi slams Centre, for suppressing opposition

Image Source: Free Press

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has been suppressing the voice of opposition and therefore has asked the government not to waste more time of Parliament and let the opposition raise important issues of inflation, farmers, and Pegasus in the House. Rahul Gandhi slams the government and tweets, “the foundation of our democracy is that Parliamentarians should be the voice of the people and should discuss issues of national importance. The Modi government is not allowing the opposition to do this work. Don’t waste more time in the Parliament, let them talk about inflation, farmers, and Pegasus.” Deadlock in Parliament over the Pegasus snooping issue, still prevails while the opposition constantly demanding a discussion and a Supreme Court-monitored probe into it while the government is saying it has done none snooping. However, Opposition members have been giving adjournment notices in both houses of Parliament to allow the Pegasus issue to be discussed, which has been rejected by the chair. Congress and other opposition leaders have given such notices on Thursday as well. As per the international media consortium reports, over 300 verified Indian mobile phone numbers were on a list of potential targets for surveillance using Israeli firm NSO’s Pegasus spyware.

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