Rajasthan declares Black Fungus an epidemic

Image source: The Indian Express (Representational Image).


India has recently observed a massive upsurge in mucormycosis aka Black fungus an epidemic, which is primarily affecting people recovering from Covid-19 Mucormycosis: epidemic The Rajasthan government on Wednesday has declared black fungus or mucormycosis an epidemic and mentioned the separate ward that has been set up in Sawai Man Singh, a hospital in Jaipur to deal with the black fungus situation. Mucormycosis has been notified as an epidemic a notifiable disease in the state under the Rajasthan Epidemic Act 2020 according to the notice issued by the state’s principal health secretary Akhil Arora Akhil Arora expressed his concern over the rise of Covid-19 and Black fungus and said steps are being taken to ensure integrated and coordinated treatment of Black fungus and covid-19 States affected: States that have been affected by black fungus include the national capital Delhi, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Bihar. Delhi reported 29 cases, Gujarat reports over 100 cases, 40 in Haryana while Maharashtra alone reported the highest number, i.e. 2000 cases. Currently, Rajasthan has 100 black fungus cases, and the experts warned that people suffering from diabetes are more prone to getting black fungus. Measures taken to cure Mucormycosis: Health minister, Raghu Sharma said that the state government had issued orders for 2500 vials of drugs, which is used in the treatment of black fungus. Union Health Minister on Black Fungus: According to Union Health Minister, people catch mucormycosis by coming in contact with the fungal spores in the environment he further said that it can also develop on the skin after the fungus enters the skin through a cut, scrape, burns, or any other type of skin trauma.

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