Rajasthani women molested for several days after being drugged by the pharmacy store owner

A Rajasthani woman who visited a medical store for a fever check got raped for several days. The medical store owner is considered being the culprit. The woman got drugged and molested for continuous 10 days in Dehradun.

(IMG Source: rolerboot)

The traumatic incident happened on the 6th of July 2021. The woman visited a medical store for a fever checkup. The owner drugged her and molested her for ten consecutive days in an unconscious state.

The woman was injected with a high dose of drugs and was raped repeatedly. The high dose of the drug affected her eyesight and turned her blind.

The police stated, “the accused has been arrested from Dehradun and brought to Rajasthan”. Pali SP Kaluram Rawat said, "The accused Badridas Vaishnav has been arrested from Dehradun where he kept the victim as hostage for 10 days.

As per the information from the victim's mother, "her daughter went to the medical shop of the accused to check her fever after buying vegetables and fruits from the market on June 18". The accused injected her with a drug that made her unconscious and later took her to Dehradun in his Brezza car.

The SP set up a crew and dispatched to Dehradun. Further investigations are on, in this case, said, police officials.

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