Rajnath Singh speaks on the disputes at LAC.

Rajnath Singh, The Defense Minister, on Tuesday, said that the tension at the Indo- China border will obviously affect the bilateral relations between India and China.

He mentions that China was not ready to accept and cooperate with the traditional alignment of the border and the issues still remain 'unsolved'."The border issue is a complex one and needs to be resolved patiently. Both the countries believe that there is no commonly delineated Line of Actual Control (LAC),” said the defense minister.

On the current situation in the border, he commented that the Chinese army was creating obstacles during the normal operations of the Indian soldiers. He adds that the Indian army gave a befitting reply to the Chinese soldiers."No one should have doubts about our determination to protect the country’s borders,” he said in context to the response of the Indian army.

" No force can stop Indian troops from patroling Ladakh Border", he added

Tribute to the soldiers

He also gives tribute to the soldiers killed on 15th June, during the Galwaan Ghati clash with the Chinese. He adds that the Indian army is more than ready to deal with any dispute arising in the Indo-China border. After multiple rounds of talk trials, the Indian army has increased the deployment of its troops in the high mountain regions, which clearly warns China to be careful.

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